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Apr 18

Travelling Dice 04, Thrigby Hall

  The previous Travelling Dice saw some Elven dice out in the Greenwood.     Another day out with the family, another picture of a die.   Mmmm, blue dice!   Happy Gaming Phil

Apr 14

Thought for the Week 11: The Dark Side of Fatherhood

  The previous Thought for the Week was about a Dimir crumble.   This week we are taking a look at one of the distasteful parts of being a Father.     Once a GM, always a GM! Even when clearing up vomit, I am thinking of the situation in game terms.   As a …

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Apr 08

Prep in Progress; Chapter 10

  The Prep in Progress entries are short summaries of my prep for my on-going campaign The Tales of the Hero Wars.   My week feels all jumbled up as we have another game session tomorrow. School holidays always feel strange, as they are such a radical change from my normal routine. This week, however, the …

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Apr 05

Nothing for the Weekend, a Week in Review

  The plan for Tales of a GM, such as there is one, is to post about five times a week, with a longer article uploaded on a Friday. In recent weeks I have been squeezing in an extra article through the week. As I am finding to my cost, this is a lot of …

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Mar 21

Lost Time, Juggling a GM’s Schedule

  The end of last year went badly for me.   There were several reasons for my problems through December, and thus several lessons to be learnt from the experience. Here is one of them.   GMing in a busy world Busy, busy, busy! Even with the low-prep approach that HeroQuest 2 allows, I find …

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