Category: Notes of a GM

Oct 09

Listening Around: Ken and Robin

Talking about stuff Introducing Listening Around The Listening Around posts are a companion to the Reading Around series. This time, instead of pointing you towards websites of interest, I will be doing the equivalent for podcasts. Podcasts are an excellent form of audio magazine and the hobby has many to choose from. I enjoy the …

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Oct 03

Last Week for the Warlock’s Journal

  Hurry, hurry. I previously posted about the Warlock’s Journal Contest, and this is to remind you all of the approaching deadline. Remember, the details of Matthew’s contest are as follows; Minimum 250 words Systemless content, but you can include stats if you wish, although I assume that these will NOT count towards the minimum …

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Oct 02

Reading Around: Low-tech Magazine

  The Reading Around posts are my attempt to help you follow Ken Hite’s advice and cross-pollinate your game with some clever ideas from history, science and elsewhere. A Low-Tech World Today I have another magazine-style website for you, with the usual email subscription option. Low-tech Magazine talks about the potential of past and often …

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Sep 26

A new Site for Glorantha

  My Tales of the Hero Wars campaign draws heavily upon the classic Bronze Age setting of Glorantha. This is one of the oldest RPG settings, and is still going strong. Earlier this year, Moon Design acquired the rights to Glorantha. Moon Design are the publishers of my beloved HeroQuest 2 as well as some …

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Sep 18

Reading Around: Wonders & Marvels

Introducing Reading Around In a recent episode of the superb Ken and Robin Talk About Stuff podcast, the erudite Ken Hite stated that all GMs should be reading history. Undoubtedly, every GM needs to read around their genre, and perhaps further afield, to cross-pollinate their game with fresh ideas. To help you achieve this, I …

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