Tag: Kickstarter

Nov 06

A Crowdfunding Odyssey

  It is not every day that I am able to promote a crowdfunding campaign featuring the art of my best friend, so today is thus rather special. Yes, our very own Phil Reeves of Tales of an Artist fame is one of the lead artists on Will Hindmarch’s game of Odyssey. This project is …

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Oct 21

Writing the Unwritten

  Lost in the Mysts of time I have posted before about the joys of Kickstarter, and last week I found two more projects that merit your attention. The first of these is Unwritten: Adventures in the Age of Myst and Beyond, by Inkworks Productions. This project is described on their Kickstarter page as; Unwritten: …

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Sep 26

A new Site for Glorantha

  My Tales of the Hero Wars campaign draws heavily upon the classic Bronze Age setting of Glorantha. This is one of the oldest RPG settings, and is still going strong. Earlier this year, Moon Design acquired the rights to Glorantha. Moon Design are the publishers of my beloved HeroQuest 2 as well as some …

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Aug 18

Red Aegis Kickstarter

The Red Aegis Kickstarter offers GMs a painless method of teaching their Players vast swathes of world history.    My Kickstarter Experience I have backed several Kickstarters, and the experience has always been rewarding. Most Kickstarters allow backers some superb insights into the production process and usually provide direct access to the creator’s thoughts. My …

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