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Mar 27

Updated: A World of Dew Plot Twists

  Tucked away in this game of samurai noir is excellent advice for the GM. As usual, this advice applies to a broad range of games. This hidden gem is a clever way to add plot twists to any game.     A World of Dew The game is written by Ben Woerner, and is …

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Mar 21

Updated: How to be a Bad GM

  Several years ago, my gaming group suffered a catastrophic personality clash, leading to the end of the campaign. This made me feel like a BAD GM, and a pretty poor friend. Here are some examples of how I went wrong, written in the hope you will learn from my mistakes.     Over-commit You …

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Mar 06

Updated: The Social Contract

  Following on from unfortunate in-game events that brought one campaign to a screeching halt, I decided to implement a Social Contract. In the hope of avoiding another game breaking down due to a conflict of expectations, I now start each campaign story arc with a discussion of our Social Contract.   Our Way to …

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Feb 27

Updated: Player Learning

  As GMs, we usually have to teach the Players how to play our game. Thus, it is useful for us to have some understanding of how people learn.   Geek Dad As a parent, I picked up Children’s Learning in Primary Schools: A Guide for Teaching Assistants by Mike Cowdrey, published by Routledge. I …

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Feb 20

Updated: The One Ring Fellowship Phase

  This essay is a second look at the Fellowship rules found in The One Ring RPG. This is the latest RPG based around The Lord of the Rings, arguably the ur-text for fantasy roleplaying.   Part one, also updated, explored the formation of the fellowship     The One Ring This is the latest …

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