Tag: HeroQuest: Glorantha

Jan 17

Brainstorming Ulubrae, Part 6

  Brainstorming Ulubrae Quarters Delayed DramaSystem session Updating Character Creation   The game last Saturday felt like a great success. Several Players could not make the game, so the planned DramaSystem relationship creation was postponed at the last minute. I had printed out the sheets for this option, and a reserve plan. In the end, …

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Dec 07

Huginn’s Fables: Chapter 22

  But Far in the Fierce Sunshine   Marketday, Magic Week, Storm Season, 1054.   My Divine Overlord,   The final leg to your divine presence was the hardest step for the Heroes. It began with a strange surge of arcane energy detected by Feandir the Sage. The origin was unclear, until an explosion ripped the …

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Nov 30

Huginn’s Fables: Chapter 21

  There is no Rustling   Farmday, Magic Week, Storm Season, 1054.   My Divine Overlord,   A strange fluting in the bowels of the fortress caught the Heroes’ attention. Morfinnor recounted the rumours of a small musical creature hiding somewhere in the brig. Feandir led the search for the creature using his motion spell. The …

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Nov 10

Huginn’s Fables: Chapter 20

  And Soun of Swaying   Godsday, Truth Week, Storm Season, 1054.   My Divine Overlord,   The Heroes awoke after experiencing a strange dream. Everyone was affected by the dream, but none more so than Morfinnor. The Storm Bull initiate was ecstatic to be reunited with Urox.   This morning the Heroes found the prevailing …

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Oct 27

Huginn’s Fables: Chapter 18

  Faint and Interrupted Murmur   Craftsday, Truth Week, Storm Season, 1054.   My Divine Overlord,   After the brief stop, our journey towards your blessed realm resumed. Feandir spent his time reading the liberated text on ogham. Morfinnor was more concerned by his lost connection to Urox. An initial round of prayers failed to restore …

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