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Dec 29

2013 Top Five Posts

  The first months   This time of year is suitable for both looking back and looking forward. I have several plans for the blog, and hopefully I will be able to both improve my writing and create a more enjoyable site for you. For this post, however, I shall look back on five of …

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Dec 11

Dragonmeet Report, Part 2, The Swag

Yesterday I published some thoughts on Dragonmeet, and as promised, here is a short review of my purchases. A Real Book The only downside of favouring pdfs is that they are not as tactile as a physical book. Thus, when I went to Dragonmeet I was determined to buy at least one physical book. The …

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Dec 10

Dragonmeet Report, Part 1

  After all the excitement for Dragonmeet, I really did have a great time on Saturday. There were so many highlights, but meeting Robin Laws has to top the list. I suppose I should have had a good question lined up for him, to engage him in a short conversation. That is something I can …

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Dec 05

Dragonmeet Excitement

  My busy schedule makes it feel that Dragonmeet is still a long way off, but it is this Saturday, and thus only a few days away. After attending several wargames conventions, I am excited to be attending my first RPG convention. I have some money set aside from my birthday, so that will give …

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Nov 20

Meeting at Dragonmeet

  Are any of you UK readers coming to Dragonmeet? It is taking place on Saturday December 7th at Kensington Town Hall, Kensington, London. The website has details about games, an impressive list of guests and you can buy tickets online for a discount.   Last year, a Ken and Robin Talk About Stuff episode …

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