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Oct 26

Songs of Ulubrae: Core Team of Albioneers

  Archie Bucket Planet Albion cleaner with many more than 10 years loyal service Archie is an enthusiastic believer in the Great Black Dog He is Sweet and Brave Archie is very tall but thin and sports a retro ‘50s Teddy Boy style   “Sad” Gary Planet Albion cleaner with ten years of service Gary …

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Oct 24

Songs of Ulubrae: Planet Albion

  Location Southwold, coastal town in Suffolk, England The residents of Southwold are indifferent to the local theme park The UK is in a patriotic fever about Planet Albion This is due to championing of the park by the tabloid press     Ownership Planet Albion owned by NeoCain This petrochemical giant specializes in cryogenics …

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Oct 18

Songs of Ulubrae: Iron Council Politics

  Ruling Factions Antonius Falernus Aureus, High Chancellor Shared Pavian education with Faustinius Manillus Childhood friends with Salvius Flaminus Corsillius Vellus Aureus, Minister of Artifice and Clockworks Making war machines for the Stone Legion Price fixing with Gabinius Adameus Fabius Proculus Aureus, Minister of Gems Lack of gems to sustain Ulubrae currency Seeking to manipulate …

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Oct 12

Songs of Ulubrae: Chapter 30

  Changed in His Turn . Noon, Marketday, Secret Week, Delve Season, 1017.   For a moment, the Heroes just stared at Arrluk, slightly shocked at the intensity of his violent response to the thugs. Umiaq’s cloak crooned approval. Arrluk’s practical nature reasserted itself and he asked Chunky to take care of the remaining corpse. …

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Sep 28

Dragon Tales: Chapter 7

  Just as the Sun Dropped Down   Karthedon, the Mage in the Lighthouse, had a new challenge for the Heroes. High in the hills above the town was an abandoned village. Karthedon knew the well in this village to be the home of the Spider King, a troublesome bandit who may be the source …

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