Tag: Fortress of Crows

Dec 01

Fortress of Crows Aftermath, Part 2

  Game-free weekend Missing Actual Play Report Dragonmeet travel prep   There is no roleplaying scheduled for this weekend as I am off to Dragonmeet. Thus, there is no urgent game prep to work through. Instead, I have switched to preparing for the trip to London and my day at the convention. Even the website …

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Nov 30

Huginn’s Fables: Chapter 21

  There is no Rustling   Farmday, Magic Week, Storm Season, 1054.   My Divine Overlord,   A strange fluting in the bowels of the fortress caught the Heroes’ attention. Morfinnor recounted the rumours of a small musical creature hiding somewhere in the brig. Feandir led the search for the creature using his motion spell. The …

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Nov 29

Fortress of Crows Aftermath, Part 1

  Successful Finale Actual Play Reports Dragonmeet prep   Saturday’s finale to the Fortress of Crows story arc was full of drama. Even though one Player dismissed the dramatic plot option I presented, there was still plenty of action. The campaign villain blew apart the tower, then fought the trio of Heroes in the ruins. …

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Nov 25

Fortress of Crows, Chapter 21, Part 3

  Juggling time requirements Finale prep Christmas Special plans   Game prep this week has really taken a hit. Following the arrival of my new laptop, there have simply been so many tasks to complete. I think I am fully updated with the laptop, even if some of the software is a little on the …

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Nov 23

Fortress of Crows, Chapter 21, Part 2

  Finale plans Laptop issues Time pressures   As I move closer to my normal routine, my thoughts turn to preparing for the game on Saturday. This is something of a mixed bag, primarily due to the laptop problems I have been experiencing. On the positive side, I have a good idea for how the …

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