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Oct 03

Updated: Brainstorming the Villa Catacombs

  This essay was originally written for the June 2014 RPG Blog Carnival hosted by Fitz at Moebius Adventures. Fitz described the Carnival topic as “What’s in the hole?”   Read a full list of my Blog Carnival essays here.   In this essay, I walk through the initial process of creating an underground complex …

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Sep 22

Sep ‘17 Carnival: Riddle Rooms

  The travelling RPG Blog Carnival continues to jump from one blog to another. I try to contribute every month, although a topic can catch my imagination and lead to a long series, such as the 2017 February topic.   In September, the Carnival has a home fixture as the host is Johnn Four at …

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Sep 05

Updated: Empowering RPG Relationships

  No Man is an Island, Entire of Itself John Donne   So many Heroes come to the table as if they were an island. I am sure we have all encountered orphan or loner characters. While a lone Hero may work in prose fiction, it is less engaging in the social environment of a …

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Aug 14

A GM Reads: The Eclipse of the Century

  My revised reading challenge for 2017 is to focus on what a GM can take from the books I read. I lift out characters, events, creatures, plots or themes from each book. As a GM, you still need to read the book to gain the most benefit, but each review brings a few ideas …

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Mar 17

March ‘17 Carnival: The River Ogre

  March means the travelling RPG Blog Carnival has jumped to another blog. The latest host is Brian Fitzpatrick at Moebius Adventures.     The chosen subject for this month’s contributions to the Blog Carnival is “Things in the Dark.” Brian outlines the topic like this: This month we invite you to write about those …

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