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Jul 12

Writing Goals, 12th July 2015

  Hi Everyone,   Sunday again, so time for my weekly update. Previously on Tales of a GM:   4 hours – Primary Goal – Game Chef reviews 2.5 hours – Secondary Goal – Johnn Four essay 1 hour – Tertiary Goal – Smolensk pdf 2 hours – Social Media – Visit different Forums and …

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Jul 02

July 2015: A Review & Progress Report

  Way back in January I posted my Writing Resolutions for 2015.   As a way to keep these in focus, here is the latest monthly update about my progress. The original post outlined four categories of resolution: Blogging Resolutions Freelance & Publishing Resolutions Fiction Resolutions Gaming Resolutions   Let me look at each of …

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Feb 25

Tales of the Dice 07: Reforging

    As soon as I saw the spin-down dice in my¬†Fate Reforged¬†Fat Pack, I thought of chocolate. Why else would it be brown?   This also makes it two comics from the same Fat Pack, which was the source of the issue 5 comic.   Issue 5, Smashing, can be found here.   Issue …

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Feb 11

Tales of the Dice 05: Smashing

    Yes, another new character this week, a Magic: The Gathering spindown life die. It might even speak next time.   Issue 4, Rocking, can be found here.   Issue 6, Plumbing, can be found here.   The photo of the Hulk die was only bright enough when a cat walked past close enough …

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