Tag: Narrative

Nov 14

Updated: Making Failure Interesting

  I enjoy reading RPGs in search of ideas I can use in my game. Inside Little Wizards, I found excellent advice about turning failure in RPGs into an interesting story point.     Little Wizards Little Wizards is an RPG aimed at children. It was written by Antoine Bauza, and translated by Franck Florentin …

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Nov 10

GM Story Beats

  The genesis of this essay was an unexpected connection between two roleplaying podcasts I listened to in quick succession last week. Both discussed narrative rhythm and the way the GM can subtly influence the mood at the table. We all know how a good story is composed of a sequence of successes and failures. These …

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Nov 06

Updated: Seven Principles of Storytelling

  Roleplaying is a game about story, but the rulebooks rarely explore how to maximise the story within the game. One indie book to do this is Spark RPG by Jason Pitre. I have written before about the ideas of Jason Pitre found in Spark RPG: My first essay was Bright Sparks, about Player Principles …

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Nov 03

Top Five Abilities Sheet

  One aspect of being a GM is the need to manage the assorted paperwork surrounding the game. At times, I feel more like an administrator than a storyteller. Yet, easy access to the right information greatly helps the GM run the game. This is equally true for the low prep style of gaming I …

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Oct 30

Updated: Film as RPG Research

  Another of my pastimes is watching films. Like many of you, I have a growing DVD collection. Mine has a selection of Geek classics, along with a few non-genre titles. As well as watching for pleasure, a good film is also research for both my writing and gaming. The parallel between film and fiction …

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