Tag: Narrative

Nov 03

Top Five Abilities Sheet

  One aspect of being a GM is the need to manage the assorted paperwork surrounding the game. At times, I feel more like an administrator than a storyteller. Yet, easy access to the right information greatly helps the GM run the game. This is equally true for the low prep style of gaming I …

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Oct 30

Updated: Film as RPG Research

  Another of my pastimes is watching films. Like many of you, I have a growing DVD collection. Mine has a selection of Geek classics, along with a few non-genre titles. As well as watching for pleasure, a good film is also research for both my writing and gaming. The parallel between film and fiction …

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Oct 27

Character Generation is Play

  For the Players, the first stage of a story arc is to generate the Heroes. When the rules are familiar, this process may occur alone. Character generation feels like an exam for the Players to pass before the fun of roleplaying can begin. At other times, the GM may schedule one-to-one meetings to walk …

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Oct 20

Eternal Heroes

  In a recent essay, I explored the story arc campaign structure. This narrative style was inspired by the SF novels of CJ Cherryh. This looping method of building a story also allows me to import another trope from one of my favourite fantasy writers. The concept of the eternal champion from the works of …

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Oct 06

The Story Arc Campaign Structure

    My Tales of the Hero Wars campaign has been running strong for 200 sessions spread over at least seven years. In that time we played six story arcs which weave around the central plot of the setting. This layered campaign approach is different from the conventional linear campaign, which follows the same band …

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