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Feb 25

The Sigil Courier: Chapter 43 – Finale

Death has Reared Himself a Throne Evening, Farmday, Secret Week, Delve Season, 1034.   Hydra Cult Thwarted How close was the Void? As the dust settles over Market Ward, the good citizens of Sigil have an opportunity to consider just how close we came to disaster. As reported in an earlier edition of The Sigil …

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Feb 23

Sigil PD: Chapter 43, Aftermath

  Satisfying finale, Heroes adrift & departing Sigil   Last Saturday was the finale to the Sigil PD campaign. While it is always sad to reach the end of a cycle of tales, we did achieve a dramatic and satisfying conclusion. Once again, these short campaigns, which can end properly, seem more satisfying than a …

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Feb 19

Sigil PD: Chapter 43, Part 3

  Wednesday deadlines, Thursday prep & prepping the finale     The game prep on Wednesday simply did not happen. A family trip to our favourite restaurant, and some other Wednesday deadlines, used up all my time. I moved the prep to Thursday evening, and finally made some progress. I caught up on the administrative …

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Feb 16

Sigil PD: Chapter 43, Part 2

  Illness, exploiting previous events & minimal finale prep     Sadly, the game prep has suffered recently. A range of illnesses have struck the household, depleting both my energy levels and the amount of time I can devote to gaming. I put some thought into the forthcoming finale, but little more.   Which all …

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Feb 10

The Sigil Courier: Chapter 42

In Each Idol’s Diamond Eye Evening, Farmday, Secret Week, Delve Season, 1034.   Choking cloud Blankets The Hive Is this truly the end of times? Another ecological disaster erupted today, threatening the greatest city in the Cosmos. Late this afternoon a noxious cloud smothered much of The Hive. Nor was this cloud related to the …

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