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Oct 20

Tales of the Dice 130: Readying

    Okay, one more Quad joke occurred to me as I wrote the entry for the previous issue. I think this really will be last of the run for a little while.   I wonder if I am simply using the wrong font for the text of the comic. Expect to see a few experiments over …

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Oct 11

Tales of the Dice 129: Lighting

    The last member of the Dice-tastic Four has claimed a name. The team is set for action once I think of a plot.   After a run of five quad episodes, it is probably time to change the cast for the next episode. I hope I can think of a suitable joke as …

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Oct 05

Tales of the Dice 128: Seeing

    The Dice-tastic four roll on for another week. I am sure you can guess what the next issue of the comic will be about.   Issue 127, Stumbling, can be found here If you like Tales of the Dice, then you might like this collection of reprinted comics Issue 129, Lighting, can be found here …

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Sep 28

Tales of the Dice 127: Stumbling

    The tale of the Dice-tastic Four rolls on another week. Half the team have names, so expect to return to this theme for at least two more weeks.   With the builders still in the house, I rather need a run of simpler strips. Tiredness and stress are starting to take their toll on …

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Sep 20

Tales of the Dice 126: Reaching

    Following on from last week, here is another look at the latest batch of dice heroes. Given three of the dice are yet to be named, I can guess what the next three issues will be about.   We have builders in the house and it is hard to work. Thus, I will …

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