Tag: Shadows of Ulubrae

Jan 21

Songs of Ulubrae: City Traits

  A Stone of the Heart   Ulubrae Prosperity @ High Defences: Concentric Sculpted Iron Walls @ Medium Market: Mining Equipment @ Medium Oath to: Pavis @ Low Oath from: Overspill, Hobbit Slum @ High Guild: High Order of Permission @ High History: Exhausted Gem Mines @ High Ruins: Shrine of Kyger Litor @ Low …

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Jan 11

Songs of Ulubrae: The Prologue

  A Terrible Beauty is Born   Foundation of Ulubrae – L What troll holy relic was discovered? A small, black dragon figurine – L Shrine to Kyger Litor hidden by the Dwarven Founders – D   The First Great War, between Dwarves and Trolls – D Siege of the Castle of Lead – D …

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