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Feb 24

The Sigil Courier: Chapter 9

 Not the Gaily-Jewelled Dead  Noon, Quarryday, Hunt Week, Delve Season, 1034.   Murder in Warehouse Sources close to the Harmonium report a corpse has been found in suspicious circumstances in a warehouse beside the Silver Styx. Investigators at the scene discovered the body. A body which, at this time, has no name. A Stygian docker …

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Feb 19

The Sigil Courier: Chapter 8

 But not the Riches Quarryday, Hunt Week, Delve Season, 1034. Cart blocks Market Way Traffic in Market Ward was delayed this morning by an overturned mule cart. The cart broke a wheel and crashed on the corner of Market Way and Cobblers Lane. Sgt Jilit of the Harmonium quickly secured the perimeter. Investigators Ethex and …

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Feb 12

The Sigil Courier: Chapter 7

The Hours are Breathing Delve Season, 1034. Pie Baker Lane Secrets Having spent a day with the latest investigative partnership within ASP, The Sigil Courier has seen hitherto unknown parts of the city. Perhaps they are new to you too, Dear Reader. Were you aware of a salad stall in this bastion of the fishy …

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Feb 09

The Sigil Courier: Chapter 6

  There is a Movement Delve Season, 1034. A Day in the Life of ASP Following our tour of Precinct 43, The Sigil Courier was invited to spend time with Investigator Ethex of the Department of Artefacts, Souls and Potions. Many readers may believe that life in ASP is one long round of hot pursuit …

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Feb 05

The Sigil Courier: Chapter 5

  In a Strange City Delve Season, 1034. A City Tour: Pie Baker Lane The great City of Doors is an endless cavalcade of wondrous sights. Let us wander the busy streets of Market Ward, where the selling never stops. What hidden arcades will we find today? Now we find ourselves in the aromatic confines …

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