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Jan 28

The Sigil Courier: Chapter 4

  The Worst and the Best Delve Season, 1034. The Harmonium Strikes Back! After a hard-hitting expose of the Factions of Sigil in The Sigil Courier last week, the Harmonium has responded. Witness the power of the press, made manifest. Fighting back at claims of The Grand Bazaar being flooded with dangerous artefacts, the Harmonium …

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Jan 23

The Sigil Courier: Chapter 3

  Chapter 3: Where the Good and the Bad Delve Season, 1034. Why do we tolerate the Factions? Once again, the public are questioning what the Factions of Sigil really do. Why does the Lady accept this convoluted method of government? Many of the Factions play an active role in running the city, yet would not …

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Jan 19

The Sigil Courier: Chapter 2

  Chapter 2: Mere Anarchy is Loosed Upon the World Delve Season, 1034.   Sacred Week around the Planes This week your roving Planar Correspondent has another sacred tale for you. This festive story is told on the serpent-haunted world of Rebukur.   One Christmas Eve, shortly after the Serpentfall, Stalin hatched a scheme to …

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Jan 15

The Sigil Courier: Chapter 1

  Chapter 1: But Lo, a Stir is in the Air Delve Season, 1034.  How safe is Precinct 43? Fresh questions have been raised in The Hall of Speakers about Precinct 43, the central Harmonium Station House in Market Ward. Helap the Taker, Fated, has informed the Courier of several shortcomings in the fabric and …

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