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Feb 18

Tales of the Dice 06: Plumbing

    Tales of the Dice┬áplumbs new depths!   Issue 5, Smashing, can be found here.   Issue 7, Reforging, can be found here.   In case the pun does not work around the world, I should explain that in the UK a plumber is somebody who fits and repairs bathrooms, sinks and anything domestic …

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Feb 11

Tales of the Dice 05: Smashing

    Yes, another new character this week, a Magic: The Gathering spindown life die. It might even speak next time.   Issue 4, Rocking, can be found here.   Issue 6, Plumbing, can be found here.   The photo of the Hulk die was only bright enough when a cat walked past close enough …

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Feb 04

Tales of the Dice 04: Rocking

    I have been taking more photographs today, so there are more characters to come.   The third issue, Blogging, can be found here.   Issue 5, Smashing, can be found here.   Strangely, I could not make the / in AC/DC work in the font. Sorry, but you know who I mean.   …

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Feb 02

February 2015: A Progress Report

  Back in January I posted some Writing Resolutions.   I want to keep these in focus, so I shall start each month with a short update about my progress. As with the original article, this is as much about keeping myself motivated as it is keeping you informed of my progress.   The original …

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Jan 28

Tales of the Dice 03: Blogging

    Yes, a new character!   The photography did not work as well for me today, but the shadows are not too strong. More practise required.   The second issue, Laughing, can be found here.   Issue 4, Rocking, can be found here.   Happy Gaming Phil   Click on the picture for a …

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