Category: Prep in Progress

The Prep in Progress entries are short summaries of my prep for my on-going campaign The Tales of the Hero Wars.

Oct 06

Shadows of Ulubrae, Chapter 30, Part 5

  Gaming tomorrow Completed game prep  Character sheet re-design   I am excited to be gaming again tomorrow. After a long break, I always worry a little more about running the game, especially the improv part of the process. I have prepared as well as I ever can, which should be enough to carry me …

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Oct 04

Shadows of Ulubrae, Chapter 30, Part 4

  Gaming next Saturday Preparing for HeroQuest  Juggling my time   After a long break, we are back to gaming on Saturday. This means I need to be ready to run the game. Quiet time is hard to find around the house at the moment. However, I need to complete the usual round of game …

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Sep 27

Shadows of Ulubrae, Chapter 30, Part 3

  Boys & Builders Reading The Happiest Apocalypse on Earth  Limited prep around the building work   My Saturday was busy with childcare duties and dealing with the builders. Both were necessary, but neither was as fun as roleplaying. Our current living arrangements do not afford us space or time for family gaming, so I do …

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Sep 23

Shadows of Ulubrae, Chapter 30, Part 2

  Cancelled session Preparing for the Halloween interlude Prep around the building work   A Saturday without roleplaying is always a little sad. Today I had childcare commitments, and the need to be at home for the builders. The disruption caused by the building work means we are living very inefficiently, ensuring the usual chores take …

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Sep 19

Shadows of Ulubrae, Chapter 30, Part 1

  Dangerous tavern More new information Limited prep plans   After the enforced break, it was fantastic to game again on Saturday. Helped by my new handouts, the Players easily picked up the threads of the plot. After an uncomfortable dinner date, the Heroes pursued an old lead to find a gnome thief. The leaky …

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