Tag: Glorantha

May 13

My Big Four RPG Settings

  Around Christmas time last year, there was a popular twitter tag #fourRPGs. I tweeted my four most influential games on Boxing Day.   Follow me on twitter @NichollsBolas Read the Top Four RPG blog post here   Over my thirty-plus year of gaming, I have played many games and enjoyed some great settings. Often, …

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Dec 11

Dragonmeet 2015 Report: Super Friendly Con

  I have been counting down to Dragonmeet for months. Now the big day has passed, so it is time for the annual report. Saturday 5th December was the Dragonmeet convention in London. Once again, the day fulfilled all my expectations and was even friendlier than last year.   I have divided this report into …

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Dec 09

Kickstarting RuneQuest: 2nd Edition of a Classic RPG

  Most of the Kickstarter projects I share with you are bringing new games into the world. Today, however, I have found an old game you might want.   This project is funding a reprint of RuneQuest 2nd Edition, and many other classic Gloranthan books.   The campaign page describes the project as follows:   …

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Nov 25

Tales of the Dice 45: Quacking

    It had to happen. Once I started making jokes about ducks, we had to find our way to Glorantha.   For those unfamiliar with the topic, the Durulz are a race of duck-folk found in Glorantha. Their presence in the game seems quite divisive, but they have their share of fans. I am …

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Sep 16

Tales of the Dice 35: Burning

    Yes, back to Glorantha again.   The previous Glorantha Tales of the Dice was issue 33, Powering.   I have posted comics about dice punishments before.   These were part of my series Of Dice and Geeks, such as this one.   The astute among you may have noticed the last panel is …

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