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Aug 24

Huginn’s Fables: Chapter 12

  And Silver Waters Break    Lawsday, Communication Week, Storm Season   My Divine Overlord,   The Fortress of Crows has crossed into the Stormward Zone. Yet the cost was high. At dawn we saw the Blue Storm ahead of us. Excitement among the crew rose, until the scouts spotted what was on our tail. …

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Aug 16

Huginn’s Fables: Chapter 11

  And Universal Motion    Craftsday, Communication Week, Storm Season   My Divine Overlord,   Morfinnor of Urox was lost in the night, following the destruction of the Ghost Fleet skeletal ship. He easily orientated himself, but the cloud and darkness made him fear an impending storm. Morfinnor wrapped himself in his lightning shield, and …

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Aug 08

Huginn’s Fables: Chapter 10

  Shaking a Shower    Craftsday, Communication Week, Storm Season   My Divine Overlord,   Following the loss of Morfinnor’s room, the Fortress became unbalanced. Our flight is slowed and cold winds blow through the corridors. Truthful Yarrow ventured to the misty brig level in search of Colfinnor the Gate.   Yet a strange wrinkle …

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Aug 05

Huginn’s Fables: Chapter 9

  Instantly on the Wing    Craftsday, Communication Week, Storm Season   My Divine Overlord,   Truthful Yarrow awoke from a bout of hibernation to find the Orangery full of patients. He healed Morfinnor, and addressed some of the problems facing the members of Spear Wing.   However, the corvidae were strangely agitated. Beorhtwen the …

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Jul 28

Huginn’s Fables: Fortress Locations 3

  Of the Scene   The Fortress Bridge, aka The Crows Nest: Defensive Shield of Air @ Medium Unstable Lightning Mast @ Medium Communication Links to Xanthe’s Room @ High   Dengane Blue Bow Cat-headed Spider @ High Power Source: Glowing Webs @ Extremely High Conflict: Desire to Escape @ High Associated GMC: Talkative Captured Toucan …

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