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May 12

Sigil PD Interlude: Chapter 17, Part 1

  Planning the final confrontation, easy prep & the old venue   The Saturday session of My Life with Master saw the plot progress much closer to the final confrontation. Various scenes of horror were revealed by the Players, which helped to ramp up the stakes. The fate of the Master is being plotted, so …

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May 08

My Life with Leader: Interlocking Leadership Motivations

  Our current roleplaying is focused around an Interlude playing My Life with Master.   Even before generating the player character minions, the group is directed to create a Master. This is the villain who drives the minions to ever-greater acts of evil, until the pivotal moment of rebellion. During this creation, one of my …

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May 05

Sigil PD Interlude: Chapter 16, Part 3

  Diceni, skipped session & plot element cards   Despite meeting up with the Players at Diceni on Sunday, it was agreed not to play a session of My Life with Master. I shall write a dedicated report of my visit to Diceni, but the short version is that I had a fun time.   …

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May 01

Our Lives with Master: More Player Brainstorming

  We have spent several sessions brainstorming the setting in preparation for the current interlude. This week we started playing My Life with Master, but I wanted to share some of my thoughts about the earlier brainstorming sessions.   This article is a companion to my earlier post about Location Aspects.   Previously on Tales …

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Apr 30

Sigil PD Interlude: Chapter 16, Part 2

  Plot prompts, flowing scenesĀ & poor motivation   The game prep yesterday had to be cut short by a school event. Despite this reduced time, I achieved a large part of my goals. The admin was complete, and the all-important session outline is ready.   What is missing is the plot prompts to keep the …

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