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Nov 17

Of Dice & Geeks: Dice Punishments 04

  The previous Dice Punishment was the barbecue.     It has been a while since I last posted one of my Of Dice and Geeks images, so I thought I would return to the series again.   Okay, so technically this is a stone dog. I would not have been able to photograph a real …

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Sep 29

Dice on Film 04: The Fellowship of the Ring

  The previous Dice on Film was the pun-tastic Grapes of Wrath.     I knew it would not be long before I returned to The Lord of the Rings films!   This image was taken by Kenny “The Cabbage” Norris, so all the visual credit belongs to him. I just wrote the caption, but the …

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Sep 09

Famous Dice 01: Anne Boleyn

  The previous Of Dice and Geeks was Bad Weather.     It has been a while since I a new series of dice “jokes” were added to Tales of a GM. Today is one of those days.   So, here is the first part of another infrequent series of dice in strange poses. Now, with added …

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Aug 25

Of Dice and Geeks 05: Bad Weather

  The previous Of Dice and Geeks was to wish Tales of a GM a Happy Birthday.       So, we had a hailstorm last Saturday, complete with thunder and lighting. Amazingly, it turned the garden white, the whitest it had been all year. Yes, hail. In August.   Ah, to be in England in …

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Aug 18

Of Dice & Geeks, Dice Punishments 03

  The previous Dice Punishment was a Dinosaur     So, can you guess what we did last weekend?   As this was in England, in August, it meant two men standing under an umbrella trying to keep the barbecue dry. Having the vegetarian cook the beefburgers was not the best plan, either.   When …

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