Tag: Sigil PD

Dec 10

Sigil PD: Chapter 1, Part 4

  Brainstorming Arborea, campaign themes and Ken & Robin’s advice    Already the week has rolled around to Wednesday, my allocated day for game prep. This weekend I am meeting with the core Players to brainstorm the framework for the setting.   This will revolve around brainstorming locations together.   We need to describe Arborea, …

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Dec 04

Sigil PD: Chapter 1, Part 3

                                                                                              Scanning papers, narrative options and Wiki time.   …

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Dec 02

Sigil PD: Chapter 1, Part 2

                                                                                              Name lists, common weed names and always the …

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Nov 27

Sigil PD: Chapter 1, Part 1

                                                                                            The campaign is dead. Long live the campaign!   …

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