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Aug 28

Body Sparks: GMC Body Language

  My weakest area as a GM is my portrayal of GMCs. Thus, the most relevant part of the comprehensive Guidance chapter of Sparks was the GMC advice. This essay will expand upon Jason’s suggestions.   I have written before about the ideas of Jason Pitre found in Spark RPG: My first essay was Bright …

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Aug 07

Story Sparks: Seven Principles of Storytelling.

  Roleplaying is a game about story, but the rule books rarely explore how to maximise the story within the game. One indie book to do this is Spark RPG by Jason Pitre.   The recently completed series of articles exploring Trollbabe is not the only RPG to spark essay topics.   I have written …

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Mar 06

Bright Sparks: Player Principles in Spark RPG

  These days, I find more interesting ideas in indie RPGs than in their mainstream cousins. A recent example of this was Spark RPG by Jason Pitre. In the book, Jason included all sorts of helpful advice.   Alongside the usual guidelines to GMs, Jason wrote some fascinating principles for Players. The focus for today’s …

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Feb 13

Reading Around: Spark RPG

  Hot on the heels of PWNED, I have another reading suggestion for you. This article is a conventional review of an RPG book. Once more, I must make it clear that I received a free copy of the game. I have only read the rules, rather than played them. So, this is a reading …

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