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Apr 05

Nothing for the Weekend, a Week in Review

  The plan for Tales of a GM, such as there is one, is to post about five times a week, with a longer article uploaded on a Friday. In recent weeks I have been squeezing in an extra article through the week. As I am finding to my cost, this is a lot of …

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Mar 28

March RPGBA Blog Carnival; Virtual RPGs

  My previous entry into the RPGBA Blog Carnival was The Icy Embrace of Winter.   The March Blog Carnival is being hosted by Douglas Cole at Gaming Ballistic.   The theme for this month’s Blog Carnival is Virtual Table Tops and Online RPGs. The topic was summarized by Douglas as follows;   What have …

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Feb 22

Table Tools 02; 80 Nomad Names

  This article appears as a Guest Post on Ennead Games.   As a GM, I use up names for the inhabitants of my world at a frightening rate, and I am sure that it is the same for your game. The current cycle of my Tales of the Hero Wars campaign is set in …

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Jan 08

First Guest Post

  As I wrote in the 2013 Top Five Posts article, I am hoping to share some new features with you in 2014. Well, here is the first, uhm, first.   I am pleased to announce that this week’s Something for the Weekend post will be the first Guest Post article to appear on Tales …

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Dec 29

2013 Top Five Posts

  The first months   This time of year is suitable for both looking back and looking forward. I have several plans for the blog, and hopefully I will be able to both improve my writing and create a more enjoyable site for you. For this post, however, I shall look back on five of …

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