Category: The Lost Scrolls

Dec 07

Player Learning

  The Reading Around entries on Tales of a GM usually focus upon websites and blogs that I want to bring to your attention. However, today I am writing about the book Children’s Learning in Primary Schools: A Guide for Teaching Assistants by Mike Cowdrey, published by Routledge.   As GMs, we usually have to …

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Nov 29

Warlock’s Journal Results

  And the winner is . . .   After almost a month, the Shield and Storm contest is over, the entries have been voted upon, and the results have been counted. There were some great entries, and the voting was quite lively.   As we have TWO prizes from the fantastic people at, there …

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Nov 08

One Banana, Two Geeks

  Next week on DriveThruRPG is Teach Your Kids to Game Week. The idea is outlined on their site as; What are you doing this weekend? How about planning a new campaign… with your kids? We’ve collected some of the best RPGs for gaming with kids here and we have even more available in the …

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Oct 25

Spooky Spots: The Pillbox at the Crossroads

  So what is it? Spooky Spots is the theme for the latest RPG Bloggers Alliance Carnival. This roving Carnival of gaming goodness is being hosted this October by Scot Newbury at his blog Of Dice and Dragons. As might be expected for this time of year, Scot chose a Halloween theme. This is my …

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Oct 18

What is in a Name, Part 2; GMCs

  Naming everyone else   In a previous rant article, I proposed that the term PC was no longer relevant to the hobby. Instead, the term Hero should be used instead, as it gives better aspirations to the Player. Today I would like to turn my attention to everyone else, the NPCs. The essence of a …

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