Category: The Lost Scrolls

Sep 06

Totally Yes/No And But

  Nuanced ways to say Yes and No in the narrative of your game Adjudicating Player Actions Can the Hero do that? Describing the outcome of Heroes’ actions forms one of the major roles of the GM. Can the Hero hit the goblin, climb the wall or bargain with the merchant? For many games, this …

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Aug 30

We all need Intrusions

  Managed interventions in the Narrative Playing with the Plot Why do I want an Intrusion? In a recent game of HeroQuest 2, I experimented with having Wyrd cards to use as a GM. Wyrd cards are our House Rules variant of Bennies, Fate Points and the HeroQuest application of Experience points, all rolled into …

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Aug 23


Weave flashbacks and foreshadowing into a campaign by nesting one-shot games into the narrative using different sets of rules. Introduction So what is an Interlude? One or more Sessions where the style and focus of the game differ from the standard course of the campaign form an Interlude. Traditional storytelling methods use flashbacks, prologues, foreshadowing …

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