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Nov 24

Reading Around: The Worm Ouroboros

  In all the drama of my digital issues, I was left with a lot of time for reading. Thus, I completed 2016 Reading Challenge. Anne launched this project at her Modern Mrs Darcy blog.   Read more about the 2016 Reading Challenge here. Follow my progress on Pinterest, where I list all the books I …

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Sep 28

Standing Rock pdf Bundle

  Since the result of the Brexit referendum, I suddenly find myself more politically engaged. While this is most evident on twitter, here is another way I try to help the causes I believe in.   There is currently a pdf bundle on DriveThruRPG in support of the Standing Rock Sioux Tribe Donation Fund. I …

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Aug 15

RPG-a-day 2016: Day 15

  The RPG-a-day project is now in its third week. This is a series of roleplaying questions to answer on social media. The host is the Brigade Con blog, where you can find the large image with the full list of questions.   To learn more, see the Brigade Con blog     Day 15 …

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Mar 12

Kickstarting Littlest Lovecraft: The Horror Collection

  In a sense, the recent trend of Kickstarter sequels rolls onwards once more. The latest project I backed is the fourth Littlest Lovecraft book from Tro Rex & Eyo Bella.   Their latest project is an illustrated, rhyming adaptation of H.P. Lovecraft’s “Pickman’s Model”, “The Haunter of the Dark”, and “The Whisperer in Darkness”. …

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