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Mar 31

Of Dice & Geeks, Dice Punishments 01

    There are many tales of the way Gamers punish “misbehaving” dice. Banishment, thrown across the room, a microwave oven, we have all heard the stories.   Here is another option for when the dice roll too many fumbles!   Happy Gaming Phil  

Mar 03

(Time-)Travelling Dice 02

  The previous Travelling Dice visited Blickling Hall.     The Ken and Robin podcasts often feature time travel, so I thought that I would give it a try.   Trying to fit a die and a Spinosaurus into the same picture was a little tricky, but you can see enough of the dinosaur for …

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Feb 17

Of Dice and Geeks 01, the Sphinx

  Sphinxes are famous for their riddles, but there is more to them than meets the eye. I found this sphinx on a recent trip to Blickling Hall. Close inspection of the image shows that sphinxes are also fans of dice,  EVERYBODY loves a good d20! Happy Gaming Phil

Feb 10

Travelling Dice 01

    As Gamers, we love our dice.  I usually carry a selection with me, just in case the need for a d20 should arise.  You know, for when there is a sudden need for gaming goodness.   This has yet to happen to me, but perhaps when the boys are older it might become …

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Jan 01

Happy 2014