Tag: Robin D. Laws

Nov 22

Countdown to Dragonmeet: 2 Weeks

  The Countdown is running, and now there are only TWO weeks left.   Dragonmeet is on Saturday December 6th at Ibis Hotel, Earls Court, London. Their website has details about games, an impressive list of guests and you can buy tickets online.   I began my Countdown to Dragonmeet two weeks ago.   My …

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Oct 03

Ebb & Flow: Pacing Game Sessions over time

  There are many articles discussing how to control or adjust the pacing of an individual session. In this article I look at the bigger picture and consider the pacing of you game over the entire campaign.   During my game sessions the rhythm and excitement seem to ebb and flow. After a thrilling session, …

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Sep 24

Kickstarting Feng Shui 2: An Action Movie RPG

  The previous Kickstarter I recommended was 13th Age in Glorantha, the thrilling combination of a modern RPG and a classic setting.     September just keeps improving, with a string of amazing crowdfunding projects. The latest to share with you is a project by the great Robin D Laws. Feng Shui 2 is a …

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Oct 09

Listening Around: Ken and Robin

Talking about stuff Introducing Listening Around The Listening Around posts are a companion to the Reading Around series. This time, instead of pointing you towards websites of interest, I will be doing the equivalent for podcasts. Podcasts are an excellent form of audio magazine and the hobby has many to choose from. I enjoy the …

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