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Aug 17

Little Wizards & Making Failure Interesting

  I enjoy reading RPGs in search of ideas or Rules Widgets that I can use in my game.   The latest of these games was Little Wizards. Inside I found some excellent advice about how to turn a failure in an RPG into something interesting for the story.   Little Wizards Little Wizards is …

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Mar 29

Minimal Prep and Time Requirements

  I received the following comment from edige23 as a response to my recent article about Juggling Time.   What do you consider minimal prep? About how much time would you estimate you spend getting ready for any particular session. I’ve seen different GMs talk about this and have wildly differing senses of what that …

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Feb 22

Table Tools 02; 80 Nomad Names

  This article appears as a Guest Post on Ennead Games.   As a GM, I use up names for the inhabitants of my world at a frightening rate, and I am sure that it is the same for your game. The current cycle of my Tales of the Hero Wars campaign is set in …

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Feb 07

Table Tools 01; Mystic Wisdom

  I am the Hunter that sleeps in your head Kadaa’s Wisdom One of the Heroes in the latest cycle of our Tales of the Hero Wars campaign is Kadaa, a Mystic Warrior. At the end of the last Session, the Player ended a conversation with a suitably mystical piece of philosophy.   Everyone enjoyed …

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