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Mar 30

Huginn’s Fables: Dramatis Personae

  Shining in the Far Ether   The Corvidae Priests:   Aescnoth, m, Psychologist Arthilor, m, Warden of the Keys Galadhil, f, Storm farmer Hisaeldir, m, Feather Priest Irikina, f, Quartermaster Summoner Khayra, f, Armourer Morfinnor, m, Survivalist trainer Silvethien, f, Battle Tactician Tahiz, a, First & last djinn prisoner Tinnuwen, f, Keeper of the …

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Mar 23

Huginn’s Fables: The Prologue

  The Too Potent Fervours   Formation of the Storm Pantheon – L Building of the Fortress of Crows – L What supports the Fortress of Crows (Bone)? Knucklebone of Wild Elemental, found by Fealdir (Planar Titan) – L Why was the Fortress of Crows (Bone) built? A prison for rebellious Air Elementals – D …

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