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Mar 07

Chase Cards 2 Reviewed; the Ideal Gaming Accessory

  My previous gaming accessory review was for the All Rolled Up.   Today, I want to discuss Chase Cards 2: Hot Pursuit, the latest release by Paizo in their Pathfinder Cards line.   The pack contains 51 unique cards, 17 each for urban, forest and dungeon environments. In addition, there are two cards of rules, …

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Feb 19

Becoming Reviewed, the game of Adversarial Roleplaying

  As I mentioned previously, top of my list for new games to try in 2014 is Becoming, by Brian Engard.   I backed the Kickstarter for this game, and now the pdf of the rules is available to buy. This is a superb game that offers a fresh experience to the Players. Becoming includes …

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