Tag: Songs of Ulubrae

Feb 07

Songs of Ulubrae: City Secrets, Part 2

  Aftermath     Aegidius Primus Buried in the grounds of Ulubrae Returned as a guardian spirit for his family Over time, he grew to detest his descendants Seemingly exorcised by a Proculus family priest, who simply moved his restless spirit elsewhere   Castorius Proculus Argentius Proculus family kept the treasures found with the Periapt …

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Feb 02

Songs of Ulubrae: City Secrets, Part 1

  Enchanted to a Stone   Long before the foundation of Ulubrae, two hobbit brothers hatched a daring plan. Tired of toiling in the fields, Aegidius and Gaius decided to seek work in the rich temple nearby. One priest owned the Periapt of Treasure Seeking which would fulfil the hobbits’ need for riches. This very …

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Jan 25

Songs of Ulubrae: Dramatis Personae

  I have Met them at Close of Day   Embassy Staff Ambassador Qigukna, mistress troll noble   Adlartok the Weak, troll head of security H09, algorith Site Manager Ningak the Fat, troll, permission seeker Salakna Emerald Axe, handmaiden to Qigukna Umiaq the Sophisticated, troll military attache   Department of Cultural Affairs Sartokna, troll Cultural …

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Jan 21

Songs of Ulubrae: City Traits

  A Stone of the Heart   Ulubrae Prosperity @ High Defences: Concentric Sculpted Iron Walls @ Medium Market: Mining Equipment @ Medium Oath to: Pavis @ Low Oath from: Overspill, Hobbit Slum @ High Guild: High Order of Permission @ High History: Exhausted Gem Mines @ High Ruins: Shrine of Kyger Litor @ Low …

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Jan 11

Songs of Ulubrae: The Prologue

  A Terrible Beauty is Born   Foundation of Ulubrae – L What troll holy relic was discovered? A small, black dragon figurine – L Shrine to Kyger Litor hidden by the Dwarven Founders – D   The First Great War, between Dwarves and Trolls – D Siege of the Castle of Lead – D …

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