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May 10

Songs of Ulubrae: Chapter 17

  To Trouble the Living Stream . Evening, Godsday, Hunt Week, Delve Season, 1017.   The Heroes recovered for a few hours on the barge. Their rest was disturbed by someone singing troll warrior songs in the cavern. Adlartok cast invisibility on Umiaq, who ventured out into the darkness to confront the singer. He found …

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May 03

Songs of Ulubrae: Chapter 16

  All Changed . Morning, Godsday, Hunt Week, Delve Season, 1017.   In order to complete the quest set for them by the Arch-Mage of the Collegium of Lava, the Heroes hired a barge and saildown the river. Expecting a long journey, they brought rations and assorted adventuring equipment.   The Heroes spotted a portcullis …

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Apr 26

Songs of Ulubrae: Chapter 15

  Where Motley is Worn . Ruling Factions Iron Council Professional tolerance of the troll embassy Close allies to the Temple of Sol Invictus   High Order of Permission Despises the lazy paperwork in Peregrinium Seek a city-wide audit   Proculus Family Strongly anti-troll Wants obedient troll workers   Peregrinium Customs & Excise Controls rights …

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Apr 22

Dragon Tales, Chapter 5

  Bitter Distress comes this Way     Aepydrax, Xenobia and Feandir the Elf enjoyed spending their money with the traders in the village. During the day, they met Lycaon, a warrior fried of Feandir. The Heroes agreed to invite brave Lycaon onto their adventures with them.   Several days later, rumours reached the village …

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Apr 19

Songs of Ulubrae: Chapter 14

  The Birds that Range . Morning, Lawsday, Hunt Week, Delve Season, 1017.   Adlartok, Arrluk and Umiaq were surprised when Mangok the trollkin asked to accompany them to visit Astinia of Pavis. Umiaq had learnt incriminating gossip about this maid to the Proculus family. However, Arrluk demonstrated detailed knowledge about where Astinia lived.   …

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