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Apr 22

Dragon Tales, Chapter 5

  Bitter Distress comes this Way     Aepydrax, Xenobia and Feandir the Elf enjoyed spending their money with the traders in the village. During the day, they met Lycaon, a warrior fried of Feandir. The Heroes agreed to invite brave Lycaon onto their adventures with them.   Several days later, rumours reached the village …

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Mar 16

Dragon Tales, Chapter 4

  May they Grant you Plunder     Aepydrax, Xenobia and Feandir the Elf returned to the Tomb of Peneleos once more. They followed the same route as before, and found themselves at the stone sarcophagus of Peneleos. From under the stone lid came a terrible groaning sound. Feandir pushed the lid open a little, …

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Jan 26

Dragon Tales, Chapter 3

  Here You Stand Again     Aepydrax and Xenobia returned once more to the Tomb of Peneleos. They were eager to collect the 50 gold pieces reward from Karthedon, the Mage in the Lighthouse, for dust from the Tomb. This time, the pair brought along Feandir the Elf to help.   As the Heroes …

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Jan 13

Dragon Tales, Chapter 2

  Into the Undergloom     Aepydrax and Xenobia returned to the Tomb of Peneleos. Karthedon, the Mage in the Lighthouse, agreed to pay them 50 gold pieces for dust from the tomb. The Mage supplied the two Heroes with a map to the tomb hidden deep in the forest above the village.   The …

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Dec 29

Legend of Dragons, Chapter 2, Part 1

  Prep vs the boys Faster Prep Digital Details   We are not roleplaying next Saturday, which is understandable at this time of year. However, having to care for the boys has distracted me from any serious preparation for the extended brainstorming for the next story arc. They do not take up all my time, …

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