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Jun 22

Shadows of Ulubrae, Chapter 19, Part 7

  Game day pressures Story elements Speedy improv prep   As Saturday nears, the pressure to have a game ready to run increases. Yesterday was supposed to be devoted to game prep, but too many chores intervened. Yet, it was not a total loss, as I worked through the various rules updates I need to …

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Jun 21

A GM Reads: Dawn of Amber

  My revised reading challenge for 2017 is to focus upon what a GM can take from the books I read. I lift out characters, events, creatures, plots or themes from each book. As a GM, you still need to read the book to gain the most benefit, but each review brings a few ideas …

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Jun 20

Shadows of Ulubrae, Chapter 19, Part 6

  Yet another lost gaming weekend RPG day progress Preparing rules presentations   Sadly, last Saturday was yet another weekend with no roleplaying. However, the previous Wednesday was dedicated to game prep. I therefore worked through much of my backlog of gaming tasks. All of the session outlines for Shadows of Ulubrae have been scanned, …

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Jun 19

Updated: Shakespearean Faeries in RPGs

  This essay examines Shakespeare’s most fantastical play: A Midsummer Night’s Dream (1596). It is an example of a Shakespearean comedy, and features an almost farcical set of circumstances when some mischievous faeries interfere in matters of love. Does this 421-year old play have anything of interest for the GM of today?     Game …

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Jun 13

Shadows of Ulubrae, Chapter 19, Part 5

  Another lost gaming weekend Dedicated RPG day Tidying up the past & preparing the future   Last weekend was devoted to preparing for youngest son’s party. Thus, there were lots of chores, and no gaming. I am stuck in a run of non-gaming Saturdays, which is disappointing. However, we had a good run beforehand, …

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