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Dec 17

Dragonmeet 2016: The Swag

  This week I conclude my coverage of Dragonmeet 2016 with a quick review of the items I bought at the convention.   Last week I posted an overview of my day at Dragonmeet.   Even though the highlight of the day was meeting gamer fiends, I enjoyed my time browsing the trade hall. I …

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Dec 12

Forgotten Scrolls 12: Week 175

  The Forgotten Scrolls series is a weekly look at articles previously published during my three years of blogging. Before the usual look at articles from the archives, I direct you to my regular guest post at Ennead Games. Here I reprint an essay from my archives.   This article has been dusted down, given …

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Dec 09

Dragonmeet 2016 Report: A Bigger Friendly Con

  I counted down to Dragonmeet over several months. Now the big day has passed, so it is time for the annual report. Saturday 3rd December was the Dragonmeet convention in London. Once again, the day was a lot of fun.   I have divided this report into seven sections: 1. Travel 2. Trade Hall …

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Dec 06

Fortress of Crows Aftermath, Part 3

  Dragonmeet fun Final Actual Play Report Brainstorming prep   The gaming excitement for this weekend revolved around the trip to Dragonmeet. This was a lot of fun, and even included a game this year. I met some internet friends, but want to do better next time. A full report follows at the end of …

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Dec 04

Writing Goals, 4th December, 2016

  Hi Everyone,   Despite the best of intentions, I failed to resume my full schedule last week. I definitely picked up the pace of my writing, as I moved on from all those updates for the new laptop. However, my preparations for Dragonmeet and the start of the school Christmas season all took time …

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