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May 21

Forgotten Scrolls 35: Week 198

  The Forgotten Scrolls series is a weekly look at articles previously published during my three-and-a-half years of blogging. Before the usual rummage through the dusty archives, I direct you to my regular guest post at Ennead Games. Here I reprint an old essay.   This article has been given a fresh edit, a little …

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May 05

Fantasy Mook Traits: Introduction

  Last week I launched Fantasy Mooks Traits. This is a small set of tables designed to create identifying tags for the mooks in a horde. The volume comes with five BONUS pdfs, making it quite a package. Fantasy Mook Traits is available to buy from DriveThruRPG, for only $2.99.   For more details, please …

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May 04

April 2017 Reviewed

  Back at the start of January, I posted my Writing Resolutions for 2017.   I keep these goals in focus by writing monthly updates about my progress. The original post outlined four categories of resolution: Blogging Resolutions Freelance & Publishing Resolutions Fiction Resolutions Gaming Resolutions   As I ramp my schedule back up after …

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Apr 30

Writing Goals, 30th April, 2017

  Hi Everyone,   Just as we are settled into the school routine, a Bank Holiday comes along to spoil my rhythm. To make the weekend even stranger, my wife is working today. Thus, is feels like a school holiday today, and tomorrow will be the Sunday routine. I will try to snatch moments of …

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Apr 24

Fantasy Mook Traits pdf Launch

  Following unexpected progress with the layout over the Easter holiday, I am pleased to release another Table Tools pdf today. I really wish I had the time to be more productive, but life is not playing out that way this year.   The new release is called Fantasy Mooks Traits. This is a small …

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