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Apr 17

Updated: We Need a Montage!

  The montage is a storytelling trope, from The A-Team all the way to The Sound of Music. A montage is a short series of clips showing one or more characters working to achieve a long or complex goal. The typical A-Team version saw the characters convert a barn full of junk into a highly-improbable …

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Jan 23

Forgotten Scrolls 18: Week 181

  The Forgotten Scrolls series is a weekly look at articles previously published during my three years of blogging. Before the usual look through the archives, I direct you to my regular guest post at Ennead Games. Here I reprint an essay from my archives.   This article has been dusted down, given a fresh …

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Nov 18

Updated: Brainstorming Locations with Players

  The new Updated series of posts are articles taken from my archives, given a fresh edit and generally updated in light of my current GM style. I doubt I can revise every post on the blog, but I am pleased to give a least a few of my essays a new lease of life. …

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Jun 01

Kickstarting Crestfallen: Deadline Looms

  Last month I shared with you a special Kickstarter.   Crestfallen is a Fate-powered RPG setting designed by Dan Hiscutt. The campaign page describes the game as follows:   Crestfallen is a bronze age fantasy roleplaying game, set in a world of gods, spirits and wild places. It uses the Fate Core rpg system, …

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May 30

101 Uses for a Dead Auroch

  For the nomads of Rivanon, the auroch is a major source of meat and material. The Horse Clans expend huge amounts of effort hunting these mighty creatures, and make use of every part of the animal.   Before considering what you can do with a dead auroch, a word about the setting.   Crestfallen …

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