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Jun 01

Kickstarting Crestfallen: Deadline Looms

  Last month I shared with you a special Kickstarter.   Crestfallen is a Fate-powered RPG setting designed by Dan Hiscutt. The campaign page describes the game as follows:   Crestfallen is a bronze age fantasy roleplaying game, set in a world of gods, spirits and wild places. It uses the Fate Core rpg system, …

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May 30

101 Uses for a Dead Auroch

  For the nomads of Rivanon, the auroch is a major source of meat and material. The Horse Clans expend huge amounts of effort hunting these mighty creatures, and make use of every part of the animal.   Before considering what you can do with a dead auroch, a word about the setting.   Crestfallen …

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Dec 27

My Top Five Posts: 2014

  The end of the year is a suitable time for both looking back and looking forward. I have yet more plans for the blog, to improve my writing and create a more enjoyable site for you. For this article, I look back on five of my favourite posts of 2014.   Tales of a …

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Sep 04

Prep in Progress: Chapter 24, Part 2

  Poor wifi, improv notes & pre-game admin   The Prep in Progress entries are short summaries of my prep for my ongoing campaign The Tales of the Hero Wars.   The amount of game prep I completed yesterday was small. The final details on the session outline did not take long. Then, the coffee shop …

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Jul 04

What are the rules? The Mechanical Limitations of Interludes

  As regular Readers of Tales of a GM know, I have recently been running some Interlude Sessions of my Tales of a Hero Wars campaign.   Recent Interludes have included an extended Becoming Quest and a playtest of the new HeroQuest Glorantha rules.   What is an Interlude? An Interlude works very much like …

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