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Jul 20

Tales of the Dice 117: Catering

    Yes, another Star Wars-themed issue of the webcomic, featuring everyone’s favourite rebel Admiral. Also, a sequel to last week.   It is time to move on from this seam of jokes, but I am sure to return. The jokes this year have come in pairs, or more. There must be an old joke …

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Jul 13

Tales of the Dice 116: Dining

    Green dice returns for another film pun. Star Wars is much more of a geek film than some of the ones I chose to write about. Having begun this theme, I think there might be more puns to come.   I think I should present the final line capitalized next time, to convey the …

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Jun 28

Tales of the Dice 114: Animating

    Another series of jokes re-visited.   If you have not seen the classic Jason and the Argonauts, featuring those skeletons, then you have missed a treat. There are many other superb creatures in the film, but the skeletons are probably the most memorable. They are certainly what I imagine when I use skeletons …

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Apr 13

Kickstarting Noir World

  Despite my backlog of pdfs to read, my Kickstarter habit is undergoing a resurgence. Certain projects are so good I cannot bear to let them pass unsupported. Here is one such project.   Noir World is a powered by the Apocalypse RPG created by John Adamus. The campaign page describes the project as follows: …

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Mar 17

Kickstarting Hopjockey by Matt Vancil

  Limited finances, and a backlog of pdfs to read, have reduced my Kickstarter habit this year. However, there are still projects which I feel compelled to support. Here is one such project.   Hopjockey is a novel by Matt Vancil, the writer of The Gamers series of films I love so much. The campaign …

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