Tag: Flux

Oct 20

Eternal Heroes

  In a recent essay, I explored the story arc campaign structure. This narrative style was inspired by the SF novels of CJ Cherryh. This looping method of building a story also allows me to import another trope from one of my favourite fantasy writers. The concept of the eternal champion from the works of …

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Feb 02

Brainstorming Ulubrae, Part 11

  Updated character generation Flux conversion Printing & bonus prep   The plan for Saturday’s game revolves around talking the Players through the HeroQuest Glorantha rules, and various house rules used in our game. This is complicated by the fact the Players have a range of experience with the game. I want to cover the …

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Jan 31

Brainstorming Ulubrae, Part 10

  Fiasco & foundtion of Ulubrae Planning HeroQuest rules primer Character generation prep   The game on Saturday was the Fiasco session to establish yet more of the background to the Shadows of Ulubrae setting. Specifically, we explored part of the story of the foundation of Ulubrae. This involved clumsy hobbit thieves, a corrupt dwarven …

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