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Dec 20

Updated: Microscope as History

  The Updated series of posts are articles taken from my archives, given a fresh edit and generally rewritten in light of my current GM style. I doubt I can update every post on the blog, but I am pleased to give a least a few of my essays a new lease of life. To …

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Dec 14

November 2016 Reviewed

  All the way back in January, I posted my Writing Resolutions for 2016.   I keep these goals in focus by writing regular updates about my progress. The original post outlined four categories of resolution: Blogging Resolutions Freelance & Publishing Resolutions Fiction Resolutions Gaming Resolutions   My review of November is sadly overdue, yet …

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Dec 08

Fortress of Crows Aftermath, Part 4

  Brainstorming framework Savage Worlds sheets Scanning   I succeeded in finding enough time on Wednesday to create the framework for the brainstorming session. There are three main areas for discussion, essentially the who, where and why of the forthcoming story arc.   I used yellow cards for the topic headers, then pink cards for …

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Dec 07

Huginn’s Fables: Chapter 22

  But Far in the Fierce Sunshine   Marketday, Magic Week, Storm Season, 1054.   My Divine Overlord,   The final leg to your divine presence was the hardest step for the Heroes. It began with a strange surge of arcane energy detected by Feandir the Sage. The origin was unclear, until an explosion ripped the …

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Dec 06

Fortress of Crows Aftermath, Part 3

  Dragonmeet fun Final Actual Play Report Brainstorming prep   The gaming excitement for this weekend revolved around the trip to Dragonmeet. This was a lot of fun, and even included a game this year. I met some internet friends, but want to do better next time. A full report follows at the end of …

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