Tag: Gamers 2: Dorkness Rising

May 24

A GM Reads: Monasteriales Indicia

  The new year brought a new reading challenge for me. The plan was to read my way around Europe with a selection of YA novels. However, finding the books proved very problematic, so I began a new version of the Reading Around book reviews.   I now focus upon what a GM can take …

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Jan 29

Gates & Portals 4: Personal Growth in RPGs

  This January, Tales of a GM is proud to host the RPG Blog Carnival. In keeping with the season, the theme for this month is Gates & Portals. This essay is my fourth contribution to the January Carnival.   My first article explored the portalwrights and their Collegium of Planar Travel Next was an …

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Jan 21

Sigil PD: Chapter 40, Part 4

  . Gamers 3: Hands of Fate, lost time & last-minute prep   Despite my best intentions, I made little progress with the game prep yesterday. Inspired by the recent launch of the JourneyQuest 3 kickstarter, I decided to watch Gamers 3: Hands of Fate on Tuesday night. Things went downhill from there.   Read …

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Jan 19

Kickstarting JourneyQuest 3: Beloved fan-funded Comedy

  Last, month it was RQ2, this month it is JQ3. The latest Kickstarter project is not a book, but a web-series by the creators of the Gamers films. These films, especially Dorkness Rising, are firm favourites in our house.   This project is attempting to fund the creation of a third season of JourneyQuest. …

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Feb 20

The Dream Heroquest of Unknown Kadath 3: The Writers

  The dream returns with another heroquest where I choose six people to join me in a fictional game. I also nominate the dream GM and determine which system we play. As noted in the first post in this series, the idea came from other blogs.   The first dream heroquest featured a mixed group …

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