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Nov 20

Countdown to Dragonmeet 2017: 2 weeks

  December is just around the corner, so we are almost at Dragonmeet for another year. I am close to the point of drawing up my final plans for the big day.   My favourite convention is held this year on Saturday 2nd December. The venue is stable in 2017, with the second hosting at …

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Nov 19

Writing Goals, 19th November, 2017

  Hi Everyone,   As predicted, the gas fitter arrived on Monday and we are blessed with a heated house. Well, the upstairs has heating which makes such a difference now the frosts have arrived. I am pleased to see the progress, but the builders are likely to be here for a few more weeks. …

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Nov 17

Nov ‘17 Carnival: Betrayal Revisited

  The travelling RPG Blog Carnival continues to jump from one blog to another. I try to contribute every month, although a topic can catch my imagination and lead to a long series, such as the 2017 February topic.   In November, the traditional Carnival host is Mike Bourke at Campaign Mastery. The chosen topic …

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Nov 12

Writing Goals, 12th November, 2017

  Hi Everyone,   Despite the best efforts of the builders, we remain without heating for another weekend. First, the flue would not fit and then the gas fitter was not available. However, we are so close to having it working that I am sure it will be sorted soon.   Previously at Tales of a …

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Nov 10

Shadows of Ulubrae, Chapter 31, Part 10

  Actual Play report posted Struggling to focus Walter Ways plot     Game prep through the middle of the week was as limited as ever. As the building work rumbles along, I find it harder each week to focus on my writing. Thankfully, the prep needed for The Happiest Apocalypse on Earth is not …

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