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Sep 16

Tales of the Dice 35: Burning

    Yes, back to Glorantha again.   The previous Glorantha Tales of the Dice was issue 33, Powering.   I have posted comics about dice punishments before.   These were part of my series Of Dice and Geeks, such as this one.   The astute among you may have noticed the last panel is …

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Sep 10

Tales of the Dice 34: Blowing

    Pushing the envelope a little with this issue of┬áTales of the Dice. So, we have a reprieved punchline, and as attempt to use colour to show both dice speaking at the same time. I think it works, so I may use this method again sometime.   Issue 33, Powering, can be found here. …

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Aug 17

Herodotus the Geek 2: Famous City

  Last month I wrote about Herodotus and gaming.   Today I have another passage from the Histories of Herodotus which present him as some the great ur-Geek. This is another passage from Book 1, this time section 98. Rather than paraphrase, I shall quote the relevant text:   The Medes built the city now …

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Jul 08

Herodotus the Geek, Part 1: Gaming

  I am currently using the Histories of Herodotus as research for my Crestfallen stretch goal article.   Along with being a gaming geek, I am also a history geek. This is focused on the Ancient and Early Medieval periods, which melds perfectly with my worldbuilding for the Tales of the Hero Wars setting.   …

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Apr 05

Thought for the Week 17: Happy Easter

    Only the second one of the year, but it seemed appropriate. I enjoy making these pictures, so I really should try harder.   The previous Thought for the Week was Psionic Cat.   So, have a Happy Easter, and try not to eat too many eggs! Phil