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Nov 25

Tales of the Dice 45: Quacking

    It had to happen. Once I started making jokes about ducks, we had to find our way to Glorantha.   For those unfamiliar with the topic, the Durulz are a race of duck-folk found in Glorantha. Their presence in the game seems quite divisive, but they have their share of fans. I am …

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Nov 18

Tales of the Dice 44: Ducking

    And another one in the HERODUK series. I went for the obvious pun here, but promise to be a little more creative next time out. There should still be a couple more gags to be wrung out of this series.   Issue 44 continues the story from Issue 43.   Issue 43, Anglicizing, …

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Nov 11

Tales of the Dice 43: Anglicizing

    This issue is a direct sequel to issue 42, Re-Americanizing. I suppose I ought to have called this one Re-Anglicizing to match, but as there had not already been an issue titled Anglicizing, that did not seem right.   Also, we are back mining the comic potential of HERODOTUS as an (almost) acronym. …

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Nov 04

Tales of the Dice 42: Re-Americanizing

    I was browsing through my completed issues of Tales of the Dice, when I suddenly thought of a sequel to issue 25, Americanizing.   So, here it is. I think there are more legs in this joke. We can treat this as part 2, with at least a couple more to follow.   …

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Aug 17

Herodotus the Geek 2: Famous City

  Last month I wrote about Herodotus and gaming.   Today I have another passage from the Histories of Herodotus which present him as some the great ur-Geek. This is another passage from Book 1, this time section 98. Rather than paraphrase, I shall quote the relevant text:   The Medes built the city now …

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