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Apr 25

Updated: We Need a HeroQuest Montage

  In this post I take the ideas from my previous Fate Montage article, and apply them to my Tales of the Hero Wars Campaign. The essay is a more detailed look at how I run a montage sequence under in HeroQuest., and how I break the rules to do so.   While the specifics …

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Apr 19

Songs of Ulubrae: Chapter 14

  The Birds that Range . Morning, Lawsday, Hunt Week, Delve Season, 1017.   Adlartok, Arrluk and Umiaq were surprised when Mangok the trollkin asked to accompany them to visit Astinia of Pavis. Umiaq had learnt incriminating gossip about this maid to the Proculus family. However, Arrluk demonstrated detailed knowledge about where Astinia lived.   …

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Feb 14

Shadows of Ulubrae, Chapter 7, Part 1

  Another character creation session Half-term prep Bonus time for Story Elements   As so often happens, all my worry about the game session came to naught. The four Players spent the majority of the session working through their character generation. The character creation process has been streamlined, but remains an intensive process. The Players’ …

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Feb 09

Shadows of Ulubrae, Chapter 6, Part 2

  Busy schedule Stalled prep Need for Story Elements   The increase in school events through this final week before half-term has eaten into my prep time. After the promising start on Monday night, the middle of the week has not been so productive for my gaming. Yesterday I worked through the remaining tasks for …

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Feb 08

Shadows of Ulubrae, Chapter 6, Part 1

  Initial character generation Destiny of Heroes Prepping a soft start   The planned rules explanation did not take the whole of the session on Saturday. The Players were happy with the broad explanations, and we presented a quick example of a contest for the benefit of the new Players. This meant we had enough …

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