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Jul 21

July ‘17 Carnival: Grimdark Interludes

  The travelling RPG Blog Carnival continues to jump from one blog to another. While I devoted a lot of time to the February topic, the monthly host continues to change. I try to contribute to the ongoing carnival as best I can.The travelling RPG Blog Carnival continues to jump from one blog to another. …

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Jan 04

Christmas Interlude ’16 Report

. Nightmare by a Rocking Candle   ‘Twas the night before Christmas, and the unlikely band of Heroes shivered on the darkening street corner. They had been set a test before joining the Pickwick Club, a secret department of the Foreign and Commonwealth Office. Lt Alexander Dunn, VC, was eager to storm into the offices …

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Dec 27

Brainstorming Ulubrae, Part 1

  Christmas Interlude Preparing Microscope Campaign Brainstorming   Four of the seven potential Players turned out on Christmas Eve for the Savage Worlds interlude. Heroes were quickly chosen and the game began in media res, outside the offices of Scrooge and Marley. Immediately, the Players chose to act, rather than wait for the office to …

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Dec 22

Christmas Interlude ’16, Part 4

  Rules booklet Plot concerns Time restrictions   Christmas Eve is nearly upon us, which means the time for the latest Interlude. Overall, progress has been good. I bundled together all the various rules sheets into a folder, and hopefully will find the table I need quickly on Saturday. I remain a little overawed by …

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Dec 20

Christmas Interlude ’16, Part 3

  Basic character creation Arcane Heroes Plot creation plans   The date for the Savage Worlds Christmas Interlude is looming. Work over the weekend focused on creating the pre-generated characters. The Explorer’s Edition rules has a list of archetypes, which really helped create skeleton of the ten Heroes I have built. Except, the arcane powers …

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